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Get rid of your back pain within 5 minutes!
Individualized, easy to do it at home, detailed
solution to eliminate your back pain rapidly, permanently.
20 years of experience; thousands of cured back pain.
There is nothing to lose other than your pain.

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Rapid Back Pain Solution

The World's only, do it at home back pain program, which
offers individualized back pain relief to your own
personal pain and problem. Proven and taught method
all over the world! Offering a chance to get rid of pain
maping out and eliminating the real cause behind it!

Do you still have back pain and nothing has really helped? 

I am Gabor Fuzy, the founder of RapidBackPainSolution and I have been there too. I know how you feel.

I have had a serious back pain...with a permanent damage in my spine. 

This led me to a road of studying and experimenting, to be able to help on thousands.

It is time for you to be the next!

More About Me

This journey started with my very own back pain injury:

I was training at University for track and field, and one day, when we had a test, I felt a snap in my back. I even told to my coach I think I broke my back.

The next couple of days I could not move. It took me 5 minutes to get out of bed. I could not take a step without excruciating pain in my back. When I consulted with my doctor they found permanent damage in my spine and I have been left with two choices;

Painful surgery that would limit my mobility or exercise for life.
I was not ready to give up, I choose the second one, exercising for life!

This led me to a road of studying and experimenting more and more about back pain. After years of studying, I was able to come up with a technique, a method, where, in a very simple way, within seconds, I could precisely figure out where the root of the patient's back pain was located (because where is the pain is not where the problem is) and more than 70% of the time eliminating it within 5 minutes, permanently!

I remember a gymnast who had been suffering from severe pain for months, visiting every doctor and therapist with no results. 5 minutes into our first session she stood up, with confusion in her eyes, she said: "I don't understand this. There is no pain."

I've worked with thousands of patients, many of whom are top athletes. They now perform better than ever before. The results were so rapid clients did not understand how could that happen. They started to call it...

"A Miracle Technique."

Let Gabor help you achieve a

pain free life

easily and simply 

Everything you need to achieve the pain free life

Satisfaction guarantee. If you do not see, feel any results within 7 days we pay your money back.

Learn more about your OWN pain. The type, the cause and how you could get rid of it...

You have nothing to lose other than your pain!


Clear and simple lecture about back pain

To understand a bit of general human body, why we have pain, how it forms...This will fulfill all your desired needs and curiosity about the effectiveness and science behind the program.


Lecture about your own back pain

A simple, short explanation about your very own type of pain, the real cause behind it, and the road you need to take.



Simple, easy method and guide for pain relief

The simplest and most effective ways to do it in your home, without the need of therapy.




Simple and easy movements for long term results.

Systematically addressing specific muscle imbalances for structural support and re-educate your body's movement behavior by re-conditioning the brain-muscle (neuromuscular) connections.


A manual guide and support

Lifestyle support and mind work, which goes beyond the physical manifestation of pain. Amazing, simple tricks to enhance the body and mind to support the healing.



Extra BONUS of postural re-education

Simple, but proper way or realigning and retraining your posture, to change your body forever.



What is the Secret That Makes

RapidBackPainSolution Program

So Effective?

This is the ONLY do it at home program offering a real INDIVIDUALIZED program to your very own type of pain!!

It is not just template movements with one fts all size attitude.

After 10 years of studying, experimenting, trying and fine tuning I was able to come up with a technique - has been labeled "A Miracle Technique" since - which in a fast end effective way changing your neuromuscular behavior, thus resulting to have the pain disappear.

This can only happen if we target the real cause of your pain!

I have travelled around the world, been on a few dozens of conference, met with countless number of experts, therapists, doctors, yet only a few I met who really understand the back pain and was able to understand real cause and problem.

Most "experts and therapists" focusing on stretching and strengthening of your back - which is by the way not just ineffective, but it can be dangerous, causing you more pain or problem, without unlocking the real cause behind your pain.

Zolt, 49


"I have been having pain for a decade, doctors wanted to operate. After doing your 5 minutes session 90% of my pain was immediately gone."


Anna, 61


"I had back pain for 3 years now and did not find a real solution, real relief, and did try a lot of things. Now after doing this I am pain free again and able to do more than before."


Timi, 41


"As a Pilates teacher, I knew how to deal with back pain. Still had pain from time to time. Gabor is fantastic. He gave me  an amazing understanding about my back pain, and a fast results.

20 years of Experience Working with Back Pain Patients.

 Thousands of Back Pain Cured

99% Success Rate

 21 days of detailed guide and plan,

 with lifestyle support.

All that’s needed is the decision that you had enough!

What’s the price?

If you were to visit a therapist, you could expect to pay anywhere between $100-$300 for a single session. If you would pay me for a single visit it would be 250EUR (300$). If you would take the rapidbackpainsolution workshop it would cost you between 400-700$ depending on the location beeing held.

RIGHT NOW, you can benefit from your personalized RapidBackPainSolution program for the ONE TIME INVESTMENT of $49,99.

More than that, I am so sure in the RapidBackPainSolution program and in you so you have a 7-Day money back guarantee.

That means, if you do not see any results within 7 days or you are not completely happy, you get a refund. It’s that simple.

If RapidBackPainSolution fails to provide fast and effective result for you, I’ll provide full refund.

Just try asking a doctor sometime if your satisfaction is guaranteed and see what they say. 


NOW Is the Time to start your personalized solution for a pain free life!

Gabor Fuzy, Founder of Rapidbackpainsolution

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You have noting to lose other than your pain!

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